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Choosing eastern Aukštaitija for your wedding
Eastern Aukštaitija is rich in fabulously beautiful places that would suit the most important celebration of your life: your wedding. Taking into account your needs and your budget, we can offer you a range of options including the most luxurious fine old manor homes, rural tourism establishments and places that are in their natural state.

Catering for delivery
We can provide a catering service that will be delivered in any part of Lithuania and we can help you to plan your event, to organise various forms of entertainment and to cater for your function in the outdoors. We offer:

• a range of dishes to suit the occasion, in accordance with your preferences
• food delivered to the specified location;
• special buffet serving arrangements for outdoor functions;
• our staff to serve the guests at your celebration;

Šakotis baking demonstration
You can make a reservation for us to do a šakotis baking demonstration and we will do it for you at the place you choose, including outdoors! You and your guests will not only see how a šakotis is baked over a real fire, you will also learn the history of the šakotis and the subtleties and secrets of baking it, and later you will be able to taste what you have baked.



Orders can be placed and additional information obtained by

e-mail at
and by telephone at
8 600 26354


A special entertainment – roasting a calf or a pig on a spit
We can offer you a rare and unusual entertainment for your function: roasting a calf or a pig over flames. Your guest will have the rare chance to observe the process of roasting a calf or a pig from close up, and later they can taste what has been roasted.

Extra entertainment for your celebration

We can offer a broad range of varied extra entertainments for the guests at your celebration:
• we can organise target practice using air rifles, bows and arrows or slingshots, even with hatchets thrown at a wooden target;
• we rent out kayaks, canoes and rowboats;
• we rent out portable saunas and hot tubs.
Rental of equipment for weddings

We rent out various types of equipment for weddings and for performing catering:
• marquis tents up to 400 m² in size;
• tables, benches and chairs;
• a trailer-mounted buffet table, crockery, table-clothes, table skirts;;
• the largest barbecue oven in Lithuania.

The vehicles we offer are:
• TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 7 places); and
• MERCEDES BENZ VITO (9 places);

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