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UAB Romnesa was established in 1997 in the village of Strigailiškis, which is situated only one kilometre from Ignalina. The firm commenced its business activity baking bread and cakes, later it began to bake šakotis cakes. Our firm is currently Lithuania’s leading producer of šakotis cakes, and our products are exported to various countries of the world. Of about 60 recipes for šakotis cakes known to our firm, we bake the two types that are most liked by Lithuanians: the common or ‘traditional’ type and the ‘crumbly’ type.
In recent times Romnesa has begun diversifying its activities and offering new baked products specially for weddings or other special gatherings. In 2005 Romnesa became the European Culinary Heritage Network’s representative for the Eastern Aukštaitija region. In this role we share our culinary experience in baking the traditional products of our region. We invite you to come to the Romnesa bakery-restaurant to observe our educational programs “Šakotis Baking Demonstration” and “Milky Way”.
Our interest in the development of technological processes for the baking of šakotis cakes in Lithuania and elsewhere led us to create a display in the Romnesa bakery-restaurant of the food production utensils we have acquired over time, in which we show how šakotis cakes have been baked since the earliest times. On your visit to the Romnesa bakery-restaurant you can also see and taste šakotis cakes as they are baked in Hungary, Sweden and Germany...
Other successful services offered by Romnesa in the field of tourism under the company name Ignaturas are: arranging functions and entertainment; catering and rental of equipment; and arranging accommodation at the Mindūnai camping ground.


Orders can be placed and additional information obtained by

e-mail at info@romnesa.lt
and by telephone at
8 600 26354



The basic activities of UAB Romnesa are:

• baking šakotis cakes
• restaurant

UAB Romnesa offers services in the field of tourism under the company name Ignaturas. These are:

• arranging accommodation;
• catering (for functions at the restaurant and elsewhere);
• rental of tourism equipment.

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