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“Better to see once than to hear ten times”

Educational program: “Baking the šakotis”

Duration of program: ~1 hour
Price: 7 € per person
Minimum cost of the lesson: 175 € for groups up to 25 people.

The cost of the program includes:

• Introduction to the museum display and the history of šakotis baking;
• Short film about the company’s activities;
• Involvement of all the participants of the group in baking of a šakotis over real flames;
• Tasting of both types of šakotis baked by the firm (‘traditional’ and ‘crumbly’) with tea or coffee.

For an extra charge we offer:

• Tasting of French, Hungarian, Danish-Norwegian and Swedish šakotis cakes – 29 € per group (up to 25 people; 1 € for each extra person).
• Lunch at the Romnesa restaurant-museum according to the chosen menu.


Orders can be placed and additional information obtained by

e-mail at
and by telephone at
8 600 26354; 8 606 11315

“Milky Way” educational program

Duration of program: ~30 min.
Price: 2,60 € per person
Minimum cost of program: 50 €

Program includes:

• Introduction to the museum display of historical milk product manufacturing utensils;
• Presentation about old traditions of making the milk product ingredients of the šakotis dough: sour cream and butter. Short presentation about the history of cheese and ways of making it.
• Tasting of country cheeses with home-made bread and butter.

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