The Tree Cake Museum

The first one and only of this kind in the world

In May 2015 on the occasion of baking a record tree cake the first and only in the world The Tree Cake Museum was opened where you can see a unique tree cake included in Guinness World Records. This tree cake is 3 m 72 cm tall and this giant weighs almost 86 kilos!

The museum exhibits analogues of Lithuanian tree cake which are baked in foreign countries: Hungary, Sweden, Japan, Poland and others. During the tour you can learn about differences between Lithuanian tree cake and that baked abroad. Here you can also see lots of ancient dishes and tools which were used for baking tree cakes.

The exhibition also displays a mobile furnace of baking tree cakes that is used in go-away educational programmes.


Price of visiting the museum is 2 € per person

Programme "Tree Cake Baking"

You will learn about history how tree cakes appeared and you will observe the process of baking a tree cake

What do you need to bake a tree cake and how is it baked? What is the difference between tree cake and "baumkuchen"? What kind of tree cakes did our ancestors bake in the Stone Age? What was the favourite dessert of legendary Duchess Barbora Radvilaitė?

You can find the answers to these and other questions at the restaurant "Romnesa". What's more, it's the only place in Lithuania where you can taste a tree cake which you bake on an open fireplace.

During the programme you will not only discover the history of tree cake as well as see the whole process of baking a tree cake but you will also be part of it and, of course, taste it.

During entertaining tasting our guests can taste at least two other kinds of traditional delicious pastry baked by enterprise "Romnesa". It's a great chance to taste other kinds of tree cakes.

The tour lasts about 1 hour. Book please the programme in advance tel. +37060600016

Price of the programme is 175 € for groups up to 25 visitors plus 7 € per each extra person.

Go-away Tree Cake Baking

Are you not able to come? Invite us and we will come to you!

Do you want to have some exclusive entertainment during your celebration? We will come to any place you wish with a mobile furnace and present our tree cake baking programme. You will be able to try baking a tree cake on open fire. Best impressions and the most delicious dessert are guaranteed!


Book please the programme in advance tel. +370 606 00016

Price is 300 € plus 0, 50 € for each km.

Programme "Way of Milk"

How did our ancestors make cheese, sour cream or butter using milk on their own? What kind of tools did they use?

During the educational programme "Way of Milk" you will have an opportunity to find out all these things and explore wooden household items used by our ancestors as well as to taste cottage cheese with homemade bread and butter.

Both adults and children find this programme exciting and entertaining, it is also perfect to introduce foreign guests to Lithuanian culinary heritage.


The programme lasts about 30 minutes. Book please the programme in advance tel. +370 606 00016

Programme "Peculiarities of making Lithuanian dishes"

Discover the peculiarities of making traditional Lithuanian dishes

Haven't you forgotten taste of real Lithuanian zeppelins? Maybe you are not sure how to make them. During this educational programme you will refresh your memory or you will be able to introduce your foreign friends to real Lithuanian dishes.

We are always ready to help you learn how to make other Lithuanian dishes, too.


Book please the programme of making traditional Lithuanian dishes in advance tel. +370 606 00016