Spa services

For the guests farmstead “Ignė” offers Spa services to regain their physical and mental powers. It is a perfect way to spend your free time, a way of healthy living, an alternative to traditional western medicine and a natural source of health.



Relax your tense body and loosen your tired thoughts with the help of massage. Massage procedures have positive impact on the cells of the human body - they reduce mental tension and loosen joints and muscles as well as they cure headaches and activate blood circulation.

The massage services are provided for extra fee making an appointment in advance.

We also offer to make use of our massage means:

Massage bed  - 20 min. / 5 €

Massage armchair  5 min. / 0,5 €



Sauna, tub and jacuzzi

For our guests Farmstead “Ignė”also offers pleasures of the sauna which is on the bank of the stream Ratnyčia. Up to 10 guests can have a good time in the sauna. Water is poured directly on the stones, for this reason there is wet and pleasant steam. There is a comfortable and cosy dressing room with a fireplace, table and a soft corner. After heating in the sauna you can refresh in the cool water of Ratnyčia.

Price of sauna rent is 45 € for 2 hours (extra hour costs 20 €).

Guests of our farmstead can also relax in a tub heated with wood which is often called Japanese sauna. Up to 8 guests can bathe in the tub.

Price of tub rent is 90 € for 2 hours (extra hour costs 30 €).

For those who are keen on more luxury there is a large jacuzzi in the spacious sauna terrace (36 m2) - up to 5 guests can bathe in it.

Price of the jacuzzi is 45 € for 1 hour (extra hour costs 20 €).

For your convenience there is a table and chairs and a large grill in the sauna terrace (for extra fee we rent spikes and barbecue grills).


Outdoor rest zone

Relaxing in nature of the ethnographical region Dzūkija


To relax in nature farmstead "Ignė" offers outdoor rest zone on the bank of the stream Ratnyčia. You can spend time with a book and a cup of coffee in your hands or you can just enjoy sunbathing on a sunbed or have a swim in the stream of Ratnyčia. There is a comfortable and safe descent from a new and modern footbridge.

Price of sunbed rent is 2 € for a day (it is paid in the hotel administration).