Bicycle rent

Admire fabulous nature in Dzūkija riding bicycles


You can admire amazing nature of Dzūkija while riding bicycles. It is probably the best and most convenient way to get to know surroundings of Druskininkai and to gain powers while breathing clean air of pinewoods. We offer new and modern bikes with 7 internal gears for riding in the fresh air. You can rent our bicycles in the administration of our farmstead and you can get a map of bicycle routes there.

Prices of bicycle rent:

1 hour is 2 € per person

All day is 8 € per person

Extra days are 5 € per person


Splendid means of resting and relaxing


Billiard is really a wonderful means of relaxing and having a rest. During time of information technologies it is a chance to socialize with your friends or family members or perhaps to play on your own. Today billiard is not only for kings and noblemen you can also join in. We offer 9-foot billiard table (254 x 127 cm) with stone base for playing.

Price is 3 € / 1 hour.

Table football

It's a game not only for fans of football


Table football is designed not only for adults but also for children. While playing table football they learn how to behave in emergency situations, manage their emotions and develop their thinking skills. Even students and employees start loving this game which makes them feel great and people who don't like football can perfectly play table football. At the same time 4 people can play this game.

Price is 1 € / 30 min.


Ice hockey

The whole family can have fun


This game is designed for two players. The player who scores 7 goals first wins. The table of air hockey provides a lot of good emotions for the whole family and friends. This game encourages to move, concentrate and develops your reaction. There are holes in the playing field and the air is blown through the holes by compressor to make the puck move smoothly on the surface. Your aim is to keep goal and to score as many goals as you can. It is recommended to adults and children starting with the age of 8.

Price is 0,5 € / 5 min. / up to 7 goals.


Nordic walking sticks

Going for a walk and active training


Popularity of Nordic walking is on the increase because it is a way to promote health, spend your free time and it is active physical activity in the fresh air. It is greatly useful for human organism because more than 90 per cent of muscles are active and 47 per cent more calories are burnt if compared with walking at the same pace without sticks. It is particularly important to people who are overweight and who want to train their back.

Other services

Test your powers


If you like adrenaline, we invite you to test your powers doing archery, slinging and throwing an axe to the target. These fun activities will you remind of times of prehistoric hunting - in this way you will feel wild energy inside you and at the same time it will help you release daily stress.

Throwing an axe to the target. It lasts for 15 min., the price is 5 €

Archery. It lasts for 15 min., the price is 10 €

Slinging. It lasts for 15 min., the price is 3 €

Minimal price of booking is 50 

Services listed above have to be booked in advance.

Shooting competition for groups up to 20 people - 180 €. For each extra person - 6 €. 


Transport service

Have you decided to come to us?! Contact us and we will take care of your coming and going home.


We organise transport service for groups from 2 to 130 guests. It is very convenient during different feasts and celebrations - we will take care of your coming and going home or to any other place you wish.


Regarding transport service prices and booking call us

+370 604 15064

Book please this service in advance.